about Green Earth Cleaning

About Green Earth Cleaning

Green Earth Cleaning company is a family run business, together we are growing strong and our goal is to make our customers feel just as much like a family business. The Green Earth Cleaning family now includes all of our longtime customers and their friends and family.

Every move is important. No matter how far you go.

by Green Earth Cleaning

Referrals are the foundation of our success, and it all starts with a professional, careful, and efficient approach to our moving process. Once our customers move with the elephant mover, they get a sense of the way we handle our business, and they tell their friends and family. When they call back for their next move, or their friends and family call for their first move, they become part of the elephant mover family.

Our family grows every year thanks to our fair pricing methods that rival our closest competitors without sacrificing quality. Our highly experienced residential moving crews provide our customers with peace of mind when they display their know-how and tricks of the trade. Back at the Green Earth Cleaning offices, our project managers are dedicated to helping all of our customers with every detail of their move, leaving no stone unturned. Whether our clients need to provide proof of liability insurance, have to add additional services, or are forced to reschedule altogether, we are just a phone call away to help them resolve their issues.

  • Guaranteed pricing, we maintain a high quote accuracy. No hidden charges. No surprice charges
  • Professional Trained movers: we provide our movers with the tools and training they need to be the best crews in the industry.
  • We are fully equipped with moving tools, and High - Quality packing supplies
  • Guaranteed free use of moving blankets, shrink wraps, wardrobe boxes, tapes etc.
  • No extra charge on dis/reassembling of furniture, no extra cost on stairs.
  • Packing, Moving, Unpacking, storage, we are your one stop moving solutions company.
  • We open seven days a week