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There are many types of moving claims including but not limited to cargo damage, missing items, overcharge, inconvenience, residential damage, property damage and service issues. This section will address most of the generally asked questions regarding the filing of a claim. Should you have any specific questions or require additional assistance, please feel free to contact our office. Remember, we are here to assist you in bringing this claim to a prompt and fair resolution.

Instructions to Claimant

1. All claims must be filed with the Carrier within 15 days upon completion of a local move, 9 months upon completion of an interstate move.
2. Complete the claim form in its entirety to avoid unnecessary delays. In describing items, provide details such as make, model #, color, size, material, etc… A separate sheet of paper may be used for additional information.
3. Upon submitting a claim, the Shipper must provide supporting documentation including photographs of damaged items, inventory line item, description of damage and receipts. In the event no receipts are available, the burden will be upon the owner of the items to provide proof of value. In all instances, the Carrier reserves the right to make a final determination with regards to value.
4. Shipper must retain all damaged items until final resolution of the claim.
5. Carrier will not honor any fees associated with estimates or repairs without written authorization.
6. No claim shall be addressed until all services are paid in full.

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